Boost Your Productivity with GitHub Copilot

November 01, 2021

We are all afraid of AI, but when an AI is only there to help you, it becomes your best friend. I had the chance to try @GitHubCopilot, an AI programmer that automatically completes your code and I can't recommend using them enough.

An example of use case for Github Copilot

At first, I was quite excited about the feature that allows you to complete an entire method by just giving a brief...

An example of use case for Github Copilot

But it actually ended up being a daily tool to me ! Actually, this AI also understand your entire code and so purpose you a completion of your line before you even type it. It sometimes does mistakes, though, but it is never a waste of time to read the AI idea !

An example of use case for Github Copilot

Many think that AI will replace the human developer, I don't think the same at all. An AI, needs to be guided by Man, Github Copilot in this case feeds on data provided by Man. If a language evolves, the AI will not use it before the human teaches it. This is my vision of things.

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